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To enhance the maintenance industry by providing technology solution, that manage operation and enable process that meets customer expected experience. The solution answers the needs of service companies, facility managers, service centers and retailers.

Our Services

Our SaaS solution provides a comprehensive set of features to help you improve your business. With our solution

Powerful Features

Automate time consuming tasks like technicians scheduling to perform service, maintenance, and repairs. Process orders and track progress and more.


Our solution is easy to use scalable to meet the needs of your business. We offer a free trial so you can try it before you buy it.

Easy To Use

Very Simple and intuitive. So you have to spend less time in paperwork and impress your customer with your services.


Grow your business with the use of technology

For Enhanced performance we provide an admin panel for you to manage your service and maintenance business. We make your business faster, which will help you to increase your business.

Systematic Process

Why you should choose our Saas

Systematic Process

A well-designed system to incorporate your business's processes and needs.

Increase Governance

Monitor how your business grows along with your service providers’ performance.

Reduce Human Errors

A system designed to automate the manual tasks to reduce human errors and improve process.

Increase Regulation

Have a defined set of regulations for your admin and service providers.

Automated Actions

The system will handle actions that do not require human interventions.

Customer Support

A dedicated support team is always ready to provide the best support for you.


Contact us

We will hear from you and understand your need.


Customizing the Aljezri platform

We will support you to setup your account with setting and customizations for your Aljezri account as per your requirements.


You start with Aljezri

You will get complete control to your Aljezri account and start the operation workflow for your business.

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