Privacy Policy

The privacy policy provides a method for collecting your data in the way used by the “Aljezri” application. We recommend that you read the privacy policy carefully. Once you register with the application and / or agree to the terms and conditions of use, you agree to use all your data through the application to provide some providers.

The service approved by the application and / or from any third party in the manner stipulated in the privacy policy. The application also ensures that the customer’s information is kept private and not disclosed to parties not involved in the work. We want you to feel comfortable and safe when using the application and sharing your information with us, and therefore we are proud of our commitment to protect Your privacy.

The application also guarantees that your personal information is not sold, rented, or shared to any third party, except for what is stipulated in this privacy policy from authorized service providers and other companies or individuals to perform tasks on their behalf.